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Born and raised Neapolitan, based in Berlin. As a self-taught programmer and producer, Cravune believes in the impulsiveness of brief and precise compositions, unsound intricate melodies with a restless cut. His music discloses a dark soul. It is built on sparse and abstract beats, mellow tones and loosen harmonies, absorbed and reshaped by gently distorted noises.

On The Verge

A sparse rhythmic pattern interrupted by melodic licks of vivid synths.
From small bursts of light provided by bright synths to sudden drops marked by mysterious noises, On the Verge is sheer sonic impressionism built around a non-linear rhythm, translating in music the erratic feeling of being close to a sudden twist of fate.

Recorded in Amsterdam
Artwork by Marcie Rich

Included in Shrewd Intents, HNM Records U.K.