Cravune for Silk – Sounds from Fictional Intimacy (Part 2)



Internet Public Radio

SILK is a collaboration between Ramon de Lima, Priscilla Cavalcante (aka Soko Ce) and guests, that investigates soft erotic cinema soundtracks. After two years of research, they have decided to unveil the sonority, history and everything in between of the soft erotic music scene at their monthly online radio show on Internet Public Radio.

Music for Sofia Karagiourgou’s “EAT ME / DRINK ME”, Berlin 2018

Premier December 15th 2018 at Katapult, Berlin, during the Katapult Khristmas Kabaret.

EAT ME/DRINK ME is a solo dance performance created and performed by Sofia Karagiorgou in collaboration with the Berlin-based musician Cravune.

Taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, EAT ME/DRINK ME presents a tale of transition between adolescence to adulthood in a contemporary urban society to heady effect. This ‘journey down the rabbit hole’ charts the experience crossing the threshold from the comfort and stability of youth to a space wherein personal myths and expectations of the future are confronted by a different reality.

The confusion and pace of the city can swallow you in the process of finding your feet. The possibilities are vast; stimulus all around can confound and contradict. The gulf between expectations and experience question the foundations of a newly formed identity. This disassociation of self can be destabilising, stuck in limbo between not wanting to accept the prescripts of the given society nor yield to the accompanying prescribed responsibilities.  Drinking in the city, developing a broad mind and accepting otherness may be the path to navigate this time, this city, to find yourself again.”

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Dan Su’s “I EYE I” at Tanzfabrik, Berlin

I EYE I is a project by Dan Su. It includes a video installation and a trio choreography.
The piece will be shown at Tanzfabrik in Kreuzberg, Berlin, on June 30th & July 1st, 19:00.
Dancers: Dan Su, Bartek Mikuła and Raquel Ruiz-Cecconello.
Music in collaboration with Cravune

Bits & Pieces:

Photo by Sebastien Terrie


Vicarìa EP

All sounds recorded in Via Vicarìa Vecchia, Napoli.

The original version of Vicarìa is included in the album Figures, available on Detriti Records, Berlin (DR035).
Download and limited run of cassettes.

Track 2 is produced by Jhon Christian Cardenas.
© & Ⓟ 2018, !NERTIA Sonic Arts/Copyright Control.

Artwork by Valentina Piccinni taken from “Forcella”, a series of photographs by Valentina Piccinni and Jean-Marc Caimi.
© 2015, Caimi-Piccinni/Copyright Control

Graphic design and lettering by Kendal Baynon for tr0pisms.

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