Ritmiche E.P.

Space as absence, expectation and what’s beyond the terrestrial: Ritmiche has its foundations laying on the misconceived immateriality of silence. 

The common element in the rhythm pattern for each composition appears to be a hesitant sound, either in the form of a beat or light scratch, as a step back before the next sonic wave. The end result is a dance with no rehearsed choreography, yet far for improvisational. 

Carefully assembled with a series of elements taken from noise recordings, the production pushes the natural notes to the realm of the ethereal, removing the boundaries between genres while stretching the gaps. The intervals become essential, the pause a fundamental part of the pace.

Released: November 21, 2016 

Recorded in Amsterdam, July-November 2016, release November 21.
Artwork © 2016, Stefano Loiacono (www.stefanoloiacono.com

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As a self-taught programmer and producer, Cravune believes in the impulsiveness of brief and precise compositions, unsound intricate melodies with a restless cut.
His music discloses a dark soul. It is built on sparse and abstract beats, mellow tones and loosen harmonies, absorbed and reshaped by gently distorted noises.
Born and raised Neapolitan.

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Vesuvius (Extended Version)